I fear the movie “Insidious”

The movie Insidious is about a family moving into a new house and later on, they observe paranormal activities in the house. One of their children ended up in a coma for unknown reasons. The family believes that the house is haunted and have decided to flee the lot. The family finally move into a new home and experience the same paranormal activities that occurred in their previous house. They then find out that the reason why they are experiencing horrid hauntings is because their sons soul is out of his body and demons and other insidious souls are trying to posses him. The son, unfortunately, has the ability to travel in his sleep (Astral Projection).

What’s Astral projection? It’s when ones soul is out of ones body enabling the soul to travel different places like; heaven, hell, and “ghost town”.

Since now you know the brief background of this story, I must tell you that Astral Projection or OBE (Out-of-body-experience) is true. Astral projection in ones sleep is one of the main reasons why we get posses by ghosts or demons. Not a lot of people have the ability to have these vivid dreams or experiences. I learnt that it has to be passed down by a relative who has such credibility.

How do you know if you have what it takes to Astral project?  You can watch yourself sleep.

Watching yourself sleep is one of the main things or proofs that you actually have what it takes. Too make sure you don’t lose yourself in your sleep look at your hands and remember it’s a dream and know your way back. If you don’t make your way back to your body or if you lose yourself then you could get in big trouble(death or posses).